Exbeeriment #36 – Kulmacher Eisbock

Experiment Q


I’m going to cut right to the chase – this beer is amazing.  I love it and even convinced Mr. Q to give me his share.  I know that’s premature and you haven’t reach “the verdict” yet – but this beer is stop-on-the-way-home-to-buy-more good.

The Kulmbacher Eisbock is a 9% ABV ice bock (translation: german lager) made through a combination of brewing and freezing that results in a stronger beer with a more intense taste.   Imagine a barrel of beer set out in the snow as part of the cooling process but then forgotten; Imagine it forgotten long enough that the beer froze and wasn’t discovered until the snow melted weeks or months later.  That’s exactly how this style of beer was accidentally discovered back in 1900 (or so the bottle says).

This Eisbock was interesting in many ways.  Its color was a dark brown with hints of red; it smelled and tasted…

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