Smaltz Death of a Contract Brewer

Canadian Craft Beer Enthusiast

Smaltz Brewing Company, located in Clifton Park, New York, was created by Jeremy Cowan as a “American Jewish celebration beer”. This brewery has founded two line-ups of beer – HE’BREW and Coney Island Craft Lagers; and the beers found within each of these line-ups have won a plethora of awards within the brewing industry. The brewery is known for its sense of humour and incorporates Jewish religious references into the beers’ names and slogans. All the HE’BREW beers are also certified as 100 percent Kosher. The company started as a Chanukah experiment in 1996 when Cowan got his friends together to squeeze pomegranates to get juice to add to the first HE’BREW beer. The success of this beer and subsequent others led the Smaltz Brewing Company to a prosperous 16 year stint as a contract brewery. In 2013, Smaltz officially ended its run of contract brewing by opening up…

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