Lunchtime lubrication: Six Point – Sweet Action


20140721_134844OK.  So, I’ll admit it.  I’d never really been to a Wetherspoon’s before.  I’d always admired their ethos (cask ale, low prices, long opening hours, and no music – sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?) but there wasn’t ever one in Oxford as I was growing up, so I never got to go.

Well, I finally got to go one a couple of weeks back on a lunchtime with m’colleague Karl after I borrowed his trailer (which, I appreciate, sounds like a euphemism for something – but isn’t)

At The Company of Weavers in Witney, I managed to get a more-than reasonable burger with pulled pork, chips and onion rings for about a fiver and a bit – with a drink thrown in!  What sort of way is that to make money?

I was very happy to have my “thrown in” drink as a can (yes, a can*) of Sixpoint Sweet…

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