Culturing Yeast for Brewing

Phase Distortion

Winter time is brew time here, temperatures are mild but not cold in the sub-tropics, thus there is no need to heat or refrigerate for the perfect brewing temperature. Our house keeps an even 19 degrees day and night.

Besides the right temperature, strong healthy yeast is a must. Weak or small populations of yeast make for a laggy slow ferment or worse infection by other wild competition. The trick is to have an active healthy culture in a liquid environment at the ambient temperature for pitching into your wort.

Final Gravity A quick test to check Final Gravity. This ensures the fermentation is complete.

There are plenty of recipes for making beer, and instructions can be found with brewing kits to help those just starting out. I choose to throw away the sachet of dry yeast that comes with many beer syrup cans, and get some live yeast direct from my favourite brand of beer.

Australia’s most famous cloudy…

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