Amarilo APA #1 (BIAB)

Wrose Home Brewer

The first AG brew I did was an APA using amarilo hops. Was a fantastic few hours of brewing and learning. Here is the recipe and some pics.

Recipe (coming soon):

Grains and hops ready. Preparation is key for kits and certainly is for AG too. Cleaning, sterilising and measuring took a good hour or so:


Mash on. Bringing the pot to the boil took way longer than it should. It took probably 45 minutes to get the temperature to approx 70c mainly a result of my inability to use the gas carefully and overheating the water. Finally the bag and grains went in:


60 minutes later and after a quick mashout, the boil goes on. I like a good strong hoppy beer. A very bitter beer this one! Don’t remember when the hot break happened but I specifically remember the protein cloud forming. (Need to learn more about this!…

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