Sideshow Brewers Ticket Booth Pale Ale & the beginning of Hop Bomb August

Crofty's Beer Blog

Wet July over and with the hangover from International Beer Day now (finally) just a passing memory, I figured I’d embark on a new liver destroying project, Hop bombs. The rest of August will be dedicated to drinking Pale Ales, IPAs, Imperial IPAs, Black IPAs, India Red Ales, American Reds, Session Pales, Session IPAs and anything else I can get my hands on the combines a bucket load of hops with malt, water and yeast.

With that in mind I emptied out my beer cupboard of all of the hoppy beers and filled up the fridge… it appears I’m going to have to buy some more to get me through the month.

First up we have a Pale Ale from Sideshow Brewers down in Epping Victoria, The Ticket Booth Pale Ale. Citra, Amarillo & Cascade are the stars of this heavily hopped American Style Pale Ale sporting a fantastic label…

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