Micro in name – Mega in appeal. A journey in Kent to sample some of the fine micro pubs the county is known for.

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When faced with deciding what to do to celebrate my birthday recently I had no hesitation in telling my husband that I fancied jumping on a train to the Kent seaside to go on a micro pub crawl.
Micro pubs are becoming prevalent in Kent – see www.micropubcrawl.co.uk

and  http://micropubassociation.co.uk/.

For those of your unfamiliar with the concept a micro pub is a small establishment often located in former retail premises.  They are independent and serve real ale, cider and maybe some wine but this varies from pub to pub.  They may have limited opening hours and some will serve bar snacks which tend to be good old British favorites such as scotch eggs, pork pies and pork scratchings.  A no mobile (cell) phone policy may be in place as may one of no music but this varies from pub to pub.

So on a sunny July Thursday we…

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