Nottingham Road Brewing Company: Tiddly Toad Light Lager

Beer light lager

Tiddly Toad is our lightest beer, but should never be confused with those wishy-washy “lite” brews that make real beer drinkers cringe. Our lager has delicious fullness, and more fine hops than a hyperactive toad. But it´s light enough to ensure that no matter how much you drink, you´ll never feel like you´ve had enough. In fact, some Tiddly Toad fans believe that regular drinking of this brew gives you more years before you croak. Cheers!


Pale Lager :  ABV: 3%


A cloudy golden colour with small, short lasting, white head


A pleasant, although very faint aroma of Malt, candy floss and peaches.

Low carbonation, pours pretty flat.

With far more pleasant aromas than their Pilsner I had earlier this week, my hopes for this were high! (OK.. high-ish).

Right out on the first sip it tasted flat. Added to that, the initial taste was like….nothing…not a good nothing, like in “like nothing I’ve taste before”……more like in drinking semi-flat soda water nothing. Bugger…..

Then, just as you wonder what the heck you had just put in your mouth, bitter hits and carries through to the finish and beyond, where some weird fruity/bubble gum combination wants to appear, but are way too lightweight to punch through the bitterness.

So, in the end nothing more than semi-flat, bitter sodawater that leaves a really weird bitter resinous aftertaste that just hangs around and irritates you.

This is the first beer I had so little desire to continue drinking, that I in fact tossed it down the drain. Oh yea, Natural Light……Lord help us, I’ve tossed one of those too.


I’m slightly pissed at Nottingham Road Brewing Company, at this point they have screwed up 2 beer nights.



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