Troll Pub Under The Bridge – Louisville, KY


Troll Pub Under the Bridge is located at the corner of 2nd St. and Washington at 150 W. Washington Street in Louisville, Kentucky. The bar is nestled in the basement of the Whiskey Row Lofts directly behind Bearno’s pizza on Main Street near the 2nd Street Bridge.

Reminiscent of the step-down bar on the TV series CHEERS, the subterranean 6000 square-foot-space pub is one-story beneath Washington Street and two-stories beneath Main Street.


Outside the pub, an 8 and 1/2 foot troll named “Louie” stands to a gaslight lamp and points the way to the stairs leading down to the pub. Louie has become a Louisville favorite, and people walking by often stop to take pictures with the enormous troll. Louie was introduced to the City of Louisville during Caufield’s annual Halloween Parade where he appeared on a parade float. Another sign with an image of a troll hangs off…

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