Red Duck Sabre Tooth

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I did it! Wet July 31, the final day and the eve of International Beer Day. 31 days of different beers and I figured, why not grab a big one to finish off. Here it is, Sabre Tooth Imperial IPA, weighing in at 9% abv and like all their beers “Limited Release”

This thing is a hop bomb! you can smell the hops as your pour the beer. it’s a light cloudy golden colour, very strikingly white head. The aroma is a bit muddled, I’m getting candy (?), a bit of citrus but it’s all jumbled up no pine that I can distinguish, but I was definitely expecting to smell some. Definitely smelling resiny though.

The first taste is everything you’d expect, “head biting bitterness” is definitely there, resin? for sure! I taste the centennial hops, big and citrusy, grapefruit, there’s some floral in there I missed earlier. the…

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