Certainly not taking the piss: Piddle – Dorset slasher


20140706_151012You’ve got to love us English for revelling in rude words, haven’t you?  Piddle brewery, despite not actually brewing with any urine at all, are located close to the river Piddle in Dorset.

I’ve always found the name to be amusing; so much so that when – as a young UNIX admin – I was asked to choose the name of an English river to call my new Solaris workstation I chose the name “Piddle”.  Oh, how I laughed…  Even though I’m now a seasoned and practically over-the-hill infrastructure architect, I still have a Linux workstation named “Piddle”.  Oh, how I laugh still…even though everyone else stopped many years ago.

This particular beer is called Dorset Slasher…which again prompts more hilarity, even though it’s years since I really heard anyone say that they were just off for a slash.  Maybe we ought to revive the term, just for old time’s…

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