The King’s Head Theatre Pub

Pub Impressions

Address: 115 Upper Street, N1 1QN

Nearest Station: Angel

Welcome: Good; Service: Good (SIT); Beer: Good; Toilets: Basic

Cost of two pints and a double vodka lemonade: £14.50 (Young’s Bitter)

Guest: Jim; Word: Jaunty; Person: Michael Caine

Rating: 8/10

The Kings Head Theatre PubThe first thing I wrote down on entering The Kings Head was “theatre pub”, and to be honest, although it’s not one of my more profound statements, it probably tells you pretty much everything you need to know.  Behind the bar is The Kings Head Theatre (the box office is in the right hand corner of the pub), and the tavern itself is the first theatre pub since Shakespearean times.  The decoration matches: on the cerulean walls hang pictures of Maureen Lipman, Joanna Lumley and others; while to one side drinkers can rest their weary legs in old theatre seats.  Upcoming and past performances are advertised…

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