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Drunken Speculation

Fortitude-BrewingFortitude Brewing Co pulled together three disparate strings – Ian Watson, Ged Connors and Jim O’Connor – in 2012 to form a new south-east Queensland brewery based at Eagle Heights, on the side of Mount Tamborine, first producing beer from their tiny facility in 2013.

Ian has a long history in the Australian beer industry: the country’s first beer sommelier at the Spotted Cow in Toowoomba, former brewer at Murrays and chief judge of beer and cider at the Royal Queensland Food & Wine Show. He’s also the guy that taught me about oxidation – I get it now – and the main reason I now own a keg.

Ged is a doctor and homebrewer turned professional. Jim is the money man with a background in accounting and now, it seems, just generally business-ing. He told us at Fluid Festival that he doesn’t know a lot about making beer.

Recently, some big changes have been…

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