Our Trip To Whitewater Brewing Co.

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WW Rhubarb Wheat

While we were up at the cottage for a week on our summer vacation we decided to take a drive one afternoon to Whitewater Brewing Co. in the Ottawa Valley which boasts the lovely slogan of “Brewed by friends, for friends”-love this. The hour and a half drive from near Bon Echo Provincial Park to Foresters Falls, ON was incredibly picturesque and the ever changing landscape absolutely breathtaking. Tyson, my partner, had been to the brewery once before after mountain biking on some nearby trails and had brought me home a growler to sample. Whitewater had been on my brewery bucket list ever since and our visit did not disappoint my expectations.

WW brewery

You arrive at the brewery after driving down a secluded country road surrounded by farms and you truly feel that you are somewhere special and off the beaten path of everyday life. You pull up to a big…

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