Maredsous 10 Tripel: Belgisch Abdijbier

Belgisch Abdijbier: Meaning, brewed by someone who should have been reading his Bible and praying, but was brewing beer for the congregation instead.

Don’t you just love Belgians…..


Maredsous is the authentic beer of the Benedictine monks of the abbey of Maredsous in Belgium. The abbey is located in the Belgian Ardennes, south of the City of Namur, in the Province of Namur, next to a picturesque village called Denée.
At the abbey of Maredsous, 33 monks live, pray and work according the Rule of St Benedict, a tradition that goes back to the 6th century. Dedication and hospitality are the most important values at the abbey of Maredsous.
The library, containing over 400,000 titles, some over 1000 years old and the visitor’s centre St-Joseph embody these Benedictine values that contribute undisputedly to the authentic taste of the Maredsous abbey beers.
The Maredsous Abbey beers are still brewed, based on the original Benedictine monks’ recipe and production is under close supervision of the Abbey’s community, represented by the Abbot, Bernard Lorent. An important part of the profit generated by the Maredsous beers, is used for charitable causes.


This is sadly the last of my gifted Belgium beers, and since it had a sticker on the back saying “Alcohol is addictive” I left it for last!!

So, before the addiction kicks in and screws my mind up completely…. let me tell you about my Maredsous Tripel experience:

Pours a real pretty orangey brown with plenty of bubbles rising.

Aroma is malty & lightly fruity… maybe peach?

Head is creamy and fades quick with nice lacing

Medium bodied, with sharp, moderate / high carbonation that stings the tip of your tongue as the sip enters your mouth.

Medium sour bite right at beginning, with delicate bitter citrus coming through right after. Malt/molasses/fruity tones…sweet peach again. Dry finish with light bitterness in the aftertaste that hangs at the back of the palate for a while and then fades as the alcohol warms, numbing your mouth and releasing a pleasant light caramel aroma that lingers.

Very enjoyable, although flavours were not as well defined and theatrical, but slightly subdued.

This may be because it gets better, the more it heats up. The last few sips were the best and gave up the most flavours and aromas. Really enjoyable!


I had this before dinner and was nicely mellowed by the 10% alcohol, not my prime reason for tasting good beers, but today, not unwelcome either.


Would I recommend it: This is another highly enjoyable beer, and one I would gladly drink again. (I will probably make sure it is after dinner though!)


3 thoughts on “Maredsous 10 Tripel: Belgisch Abdijbier

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