Castle Milk Stout


Not anything special, but probably the only South African macro brewery beer I will buy, so I thought it might be a good idea to try one after the Gulden Draak, not as a direct comparison, but just to see how the Castle Milk Stout stacks up. I mean, this is 4 times cheaper than the Belgium beer, so the expectation should be on that level.

Castle Milk Stout is the only beer that uses a dark roasted malt to extract a rich brew, giving consumers a premium, full flavour experience. The addition of caramel balances out the bitterness to offer consumers a satisfyingly creamy and balanced taste.

Castle Milk Stout has a unique impact given the nature of the dark brew in a brown bottle with its striking blue, gold and cream label.

True greatness comes from within.

ABV: 6.0%                 Energy: 210 kJ/100ml

Sheesh, after reading their blurb I’m starting to doubt my tastebud memory….I don’t remember any of that, but maybe after the first sip it will all rush back…or is it just PR talk??

This is a very dark beer, but not quite black, tan brown head that dissipated rather fast, leaving almost no lacing.

You really have to work hard to get any aromas. Slight dark malts and maybe sweet from the lactose. Not much here to be honest.

Taste is, as I expected, nothing like their blurb: The positive is that the mouthfeel is nice smooth and creamy. As in the aroma, the dark malts are present, with a sweetness from the lactose, and some coffee & dark chocolate … but, these are so slight that it is completely overshadowed by the hard and lasting bitter hit, and you have to work real hard at isolating them.

To round off, for a cheap Stout it is drinkable, but one-dimensional and rather uninspiring, so completely forgettable. “True greatness comes from within”…lol…yes, that was just a PR blurb!

Will I have another? If rooting through the cooler, for something to chug, this will still be my choice, but for relaxing and sipping something for enjoyment, not so much.


2 thoughts on “Castle Milk Stout

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