Bridge Road Brewers Chestnut Pilsner

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Day 27 I pick up this limited release from Bridge Road Brewers. The only Lager these guys make on a semi regular rotation they utilise locally grown chestnuts and galaxy hops they’ve put together a pilsner with “a distinct nutty character owing to the use of chestnuts in the mash”. Ok, I’m sceptical but I’ll bite, why not?

The beer pours a pale straw colour, nice white tightly packed head and a light citrusy aroma. It’s very clear, very clean and the carbonation is reasonably high.

Flavour-wise I’m getting galaxy hops and that grainy backbone I’m used to identifying as pilsner malt. very light body, easy drinking with a reasonably decent level of bitterness in the end. Not getting any nut flavour, not sure where the chestnuts come in, it’s hard to pick up anything beyond the galaxy hops. A very crisp, very clean beer, the finish is quite dry and…

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