Craft Beer Review – New Belgium Shapshot Wheat Beer

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Spud Shack Beer

New Belgium – Shapshot Wheat Beer: Is a wheat craft beer brewed at a strength of 5% abv with 13 IBUs that has  Lacto added to some of the wort which is blended into another fermented regular wort in order to give this wheat beer a sour tang flavour (as per their website). Needless to say, the description made me very interested in this beer which I had at the local Spud Shack Fry Company in New Westminster, BC.

Aroma and Appearance: Typical of wheat beers, it is very cloudy with some bubbles and a good two fingers of foam from the final swirl pour. The aroma was heavy banana and grassy malt.

Flavour: It starts with a banana sweetness that moves into a plain yogurt like tart and tangy note and finishes with a classic wheat flavour and texture common to all wheat beers.

Overall Impression: A great twist…

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