Sixpoint Righteous Ale

Crofty's Beer Blog

Cans, cans, cans! I tell you what, living so far away from some of the greatest beers going round, you really learn to appreciate craft beer in a can. No other package preserves the delicate hop aromas and spice flavours as well as a can.

Enough about the packaging though (I could go on…), Wet July Day 22 and enter this beauty, Sixpoint Righteous Ale, an amber rye beer. In surprised they managed to hold back on the pun, expecting instead to see Rye-teous as so many other breweries would not have been able to help themselves, but I digress…

The Righteous Ale pours from the can an amber colour with an off-white head. The aroma contains some citrus, a little spic and a nice malt undertone.

The flavour has the hops right up front, couple with the so iciness of the rye, a little pepper in there and a…

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