Shizuoka Beer tasting: Baird Beer-Red Rose Amber Ale


Due to increasing demand, Bryan Baird had to move his brewery from Numazu City to Shuzenji in Izu Peninsula recently, but on the other hand his beers are increasingly available in many stores in Shizuoka City!


“Red Rose Amber Ale” was named so because Bryan wanted to introduce the taste of red roses in this beer dark ale!


Product name: Baird Beer-Red Rose Amber Ale
Ingredients: barley malt, barley, sugars, hops, yeast
Volume: 360 ml
Alcohol: 5.5%
Process: Unfiltered. Double fermentation for natural bubbles at low temperature. Live yeast


Clarity: Smoky but very clean (natural for unfiltered beer)
Color: Dark orange
Foam: Long head. Fine bubbles. Very light orange color
Aroma: Solid. Fruity. Oranges, citruses, bread
Taste: Dry, deep and fruity attack. Very refreshing.
Dry oranges, bread with hints of persimmon. Late appearance of apricots.
Varies little with food, except for deeper and drier oranges.
Lingers for a while…

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