Riverside Brewing Company Othello’s Curse

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July 19, and I’ve been to Riverside Brewing Company again :)… this time picking up a growler of their Great Australasian Beer SpecTapular (GABS) 2014 entry Othello’s Curse (I wish I knew the back story behind the name). An Imperial Black IPA that weighs in at 9% just .2% lower than their 777 Double IPA.

The beer pours a jet black colour, which when held up to the light shows a deep brown/ red tinge coming through. Their is a lot of hop aroma (yay!) which also has a roast undertone, the two go together remarkably well.

the flavour is everything the aroma promises, Roasty for sure but also with a flavourful bitterness from the hops. less astringency then I normally find in some black IPAs, perhaps they’re using a different dark malt to get the colour than some others, the bitterness is not overdone either which can happen.

Given they’ve…

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