Clown Shoes Clementine

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Clown Shoes Clementine 6% ABVClown Shoes Clementine
Clown Shoes Beer

I sit with the window open, no need of AC today or tonight.  It is an unseasonably cool, hell I’ll say it, even cold July Night.  Another Polar Vortex has swept down from the north, this one being much more enjoyable than the one that occurred nearly 6 months ago.  Then the temperatures dropped well below zero, tonight it hovers in the low 60’s.

I sit with this, dare I say it, exceptional beer, and contemplate the small joys in life.  Although there is a hint of worry over climate change, as there is a hint of bitterness in this brew.  It is overpowered by the joy of the cool night air against my skin, as the flavor and character of this brew overpowers the slight bitterness brought on by the summit hops.

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