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Delayed Wet July 18 post up as I was at a mates place and whilst will take light notes am too lazy to post a full review via mobile phone. You’ve heard the rumours, you’ve probably stumbled across a site dedicated to proving that the country of Belgium doesn’t actually exist (see here). Not entirely sure if this beer is referring to this, but it’s an amusing tangent all the same.

Belgian Conspiracy from Bristol Beer Factory is a highly hopped Belgian triple style beer or for want of a better classification a Belgian IPA would probably suffice.

The beer pours a cloudy golden colour (+bits) with lots of sediment highlighting that it’s a bottle conditioned beer. The aroma is funky, eatery, some slight banana character with a light hop aroma (surprising that it wasn’t as strong as I’m used to with these styles).

The reason for the overly light on hop…

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