Brewery Takeover, Dayton OH.

Good morning fellow beer lovers! Here in the Gem City, there has been a major outbreak of independent breweries. (Which is fucking cool if you’ve ever been here.) Last year, the state of Ohio, made it cheaper for brewers to make and distribute beer. Lucky us. Since this legislation passed, in the last year alone, Dayton has seen almost ten breweries pop up in and around the Miami Valley. And there are more on the way.

One of the first establishments to begin construction a while back is the brewery co-op, Fifth Street Brew Pub. The way it works is, if you’re a member, you get cheaper beer. If not, you still get beer. Its an ok system. (H was given a membership for Christmas last year. His mom knows him too well.) The project had three phases. Bar, kitchen, brewery. Now, we’ve all been waiting patiently for the last phase to begin. For awhile there, they were selling…

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