Beer Review: Evil Twin’s Bikini Beer Session IPA

The Hopmasons


In honor of the beautiful weather as of late I have my review of Evil Twin’s Session IPA Bikini Beer. Although this is a year round offering you can see the appeal of it as a summer beer; both in name and style. I have been liking Evil Twin quite a bit lately and have been trying to give more and more of their stuff a try when I see it. Bikini Beer comes in at a whopping 2.7% ABV and IBUs are not given.

Appearance: Hazy gold with some floaters (as Evil Twin beers do) very small 1/2 finger head dissipated real quick, minimal lacing. Love the can design with the minimalist bikini.

Nose: Grassy, floral, earthy with a little hint of pine. Mostly floral notes jumping out at me, nose is definitely nothing special but with such a low ABV wasn’t expecting a huge nose.

Taste/Mouth: Pretty dry…

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