Bridge Road Brewers Posse Winter Ale

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Wet July Day 17 and working through some of these Bridge Rd beers, I pick up the Posse Winter Ale, a seasonal beer brewed for members of the Bridge Rd Posse (a regular beer subscription service). This year the Winter Ale is a Smoked Brown Ale with the addition of locally sourced chestnuts.

It pours a dark brown colour that when held up to the light shows a light reddish tinge, the head a nice tan colour. The aroma is of dark roasted malts with an overlay of smoke. Flavour-wise, you get the smoke immediately (I am highly susceptible to smoke in beers though, so your mileage may vary), the darker roasted malts and sweeter caramel offsets the smoke a bit.

I’m not really a fan of smoked beers, though this one seems well in balance and I’m not entirely hating it. In saying that though I’m not reaching for another anytime soon…

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