Not quite as IPA-like as I’d like it to be: Malt the Brewer – IPA


20140705_200738Sometimes you get an idea in your head of how you’d like a beer to be, even before you get it out of the cupboard and cracked open.

To set the scene: it was a Sunday evening and I was on the hunt for hops.  A quick rummage through my “to be reviewed” stocks turned up this bottle of Malt The Brewery IPA.  An IPA?  Perfect…this is bound to be hop-tastic.  Unfortunately, nice though it was, it wasn’t THAT particular hoppy brew that I was after.

In a glass, MTB IPA is all best bitter brown with a head that zips away fairly quickly.   The aroma is a little bit fruity, almost winey and very malty indeed.  I imagined that I was smelling a lot of crystal malt, but that could be just perception.  One thing I didn’t get in the aroma was the massive hop injection I was hoping…

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