Boneyard Dog Park & Drinkery

Cultivate Houston

Boneyard-Dog-Park-and-Drinkery-1Washington Avenue has gone to the dogs and Houston is all the better for it. Boneyard Dog Park & Drinkery is Houston’s first dog park and bar. And although there are other bars in Houston that are dog-friendly, Boneyard has an actual, 7,000 sq. foot dog park where both bar-goers and their canine friends alike can go “off-leash” in a relaxing, laid-back environment. There are toys and even a ramp available but the dogs always seem to be on the picnic tables. Standard dog park rules are in place so pet owners don’t have to worry about the safety of their pup. They can keep an eye on their dog from the large, wraparound deck and picnic tables outside.

Even though there are dogs about, Boneyard is more than just a gimmick bar. With eighteen craft beers rotated on tap, countless varieties of local craft beer and cider in cans…

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