A Beautiful Bargain Beer for a Quid: Banks Bitter


BankssBanks’s brewery; just the name of it seems to transport me straight to the Black Country (look it up before you comment: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Country) and seems to conjure up all sorts of heavy industrial connotations.  Maybe it was all those TV ads voiced by Noddy Holder in the Eighties Nineties that ingrained it so in my memory?

Anyway, post industrial whimsy aside and on with the review:

Banks’s Bitter pours a very clear Golden-Copper.  The nose is fruity, malty and inviting.  Body-wise it’s medium and certainly not thin and the taste is fruity-sweet maltiness with a moderately bitter finish.  This is not a classically bitter, bitter – not like some of the Yorkshire thumpers.  You don’t get a ton of after-taste, either, but what there is of it is tasty and more than adequate.

At 3.8% it’s not a killer of a beer, but is what it is – i.e. a…

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