Review: Sugar Bush Brown Ale

Brew Brahs

Brewer: Block 3 Brewing Co.
Brewed in: St. Jacobs, ON
Percentage: 4.8%
Found: Block 3 Brewery


They say timing is everything in life. As soon as I moved away from Waterloo Region, breweries starting popping up all over Southwestern Ontario… *sigh* But when I returned for a visit, I made sure to visit the brewery over in picturesque St. Jacobs aaaaaand arrived 5 minutes after it closed. Though the poor fella working the tasting bar and brewery was clearly packing it in, he still let me and my drinking buddy in for a couple growlers and bottles of their offerings. Customer service goes a long way and is much appreciated.

The bottled ale pours deep amber brown with strong carbonation yet barely any head. Nice rich bready nose with a sweet chocolate smokiness. Mild and smooth across the palate. A little dash of robust smoke ends the journey. It has…

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