5 Tips for Beer Tasting

Merchandise Connection International Corporation

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when savouring artisanal brews.

When it comes to beer, some brews are made for indiscriminate quaffing, while others call for thoughtful and epicurean appreciation. Like exceptional wine or whisky, well-crafted beer deserves to be treated with respect.

1. Brush up on the main categories

For newcomers, the number of different types of beer on offer can be overwhelming. But a little knowledge on the ways beer is categorised can go a long way in guiding your tasting experience. Overall, beers typically fall into one of two categories: lagers and ales. Lagers, which are brewed at cooler temperatures with yeast that quickly settles on the bottom, typically offer clean, smooth and crisp flavours. Ales, in contrast, are known for sweeter, richer and often more complex flavors, the result of higher brewing temperatures and yeast that floats on the surface of the beer…

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